ITT Corporation Process Engineer in Wuxi, China

Job Description:

  1. Learn and understand the machine

a. Find the manuals, if some manual cannot be find keep in touch with Italian manufacturing engineer team or supplier to find it and save on the server.

b. Read and memorize the manuals.

c. Update the manual according the improvement done by time.

d. Understand daily requirements for maintenance, quality settings etc.

e. Be able to take apart machine and put back together. Understand schematics and machine characteristics.

f. Be able to clean the machine and understand preventative maintenance requirements.

g. Understand what each part of the machine does, how it does it and why it does it.

h. If one parameter is changed on the machine what will be the impact.

  1. Analyze the data of last day of production, if efficiency is lower than target investigated about reason and problem. Starting from breakdown, scrap and rework rate analyze the problem, find the root cause and define and implement the corrective action. Solve the problem instead of manage the problem.

  2. List any gaps (problems) between current state and targets. For each problem find root cause and define and implement the corrective action.

  3. Study the process and the machines to understand the root cause of the problem.

a. Get hands dirty, run the machine, do the physical setup, do the adjust process.

b. Become the machine.

  1. Develop counter measures to solve the problem.

a. Be able to sketch ideas on paper for changes to machine, fixturing, programming etc.

  1. Create action plan how to solve the problem and be responsible to complete it.

a. If necessary fix the problem yourself.

b. Design a fixture or solution and get supplier to build it.

c. Be able to measure the supplier solution to see if it meets the drawing and tolerances.

  1. Verify cycle time of the machine and work to reduce it even if it is operating at the designed mfg. speed.

a. Define the action to be taken and be responsible to complete it or see that it gets completed.

  1. Define for each machine the possible improvement, create project card and follow till the implementation and validation.

  2. Follow up project and perform a final inspection.

a. Should never receive a layout with common sense mistakes i.e. conveyor block the door.

  1. Create purchase request in SAP, follow up approval until purchase order is created and sent to supplier. When material is arrived and if is according to our specification, write to warehouse to make SAP reception.

  2. For the project that request an investment and need be capitalized, apply for a Par and prepare supporting material, evaluate cost, saving and benefit. Work with finance to calculate payback and ROI. Follow up PAR approval, and when done create PR and PO on SAP, follow up approval and keep track of the cost compare to the budget.

  3. Need Lean solutions

a. Everything on wheels

b. Easy to move

c. Quick disconnects

d. Flexible

e. Mixed model capable

f. Zero setup time

  1. Create a weekly report with the activities on going (5 Up report).

a. If need help you ask. Do not wait for someone to ask you.

  1. Follow up machine installation until machine is running at 90% efficiency for 24 hours.

a. Be able to manage a new installation project schedule, considering safety as a priority. Work with Italian manufacturing engineering team to assure machine construction on time and according to ITT Wuxi specification.

b. Be able to follow up on the schedule to make sure dates are hit

c. Be able to expedite the supplier and go as high as necessary in the supplier organization to get good answers and understand the status of the new machine.

d. Make sure all ITT support functions are in place to support the project schedule and define the validation process (ESH, quality, production, maintenance)

e. In case no activities to be done or they are going to be late, go to your supervisor to ask for instruction. Problems are welcomes, but you are responsible to solve. Don’t think you will get the solution from your supervisor, he will just support you.

  1. Create standard work instruction.

a. Know what the process does

b. Know how the process does it

c. Know why it does it

d. Need proper sequence of detailed steps, Key points, reasons for key points and cycle times (AFTER non value added activities are removed).

e. Standard work is also necessary for machines and robots etc.

f. How to make sure operator runs the machine correctly i.e. not just the workstation but make sure the last robot on finishing line never stops.

  1. Define the list of spare part necessary for each new machine and provide to spare part warehouse and maintenance.

a. Look for predictive maintenance opportunities

  1. Define layout for machine and facility.

a. Flexible layout

b. Machines can be easily moved

c. Flexible utilities

d. Focus on one piece flow – zero wip

  1. Never pass on a bad part from one step to the next is the overall goal.

19.Other jobs assigned from the supervisor.




ITT Motion Technologies



EEO Statement:

Minimum Education Requirements:

BS/BA Degree or Equivalent

Paid Relocation Available?:


Percent of Travel Required:

Less than 25%

Position Title:

Process Engineer

Skills and Experience:

  1. Bachelor‘s degree , mechanic, auto mechanic;

  2. Ability to operate standard office business machines.

  3. Requires MS Office skills, Ability to use AutoCAD software or similar ;

  4. Excellent organizational skills; ability to effectively determine priorities and meets deadlines;

  5. Orientation in machine documentation;

  6. Experience with hydraulic and compressed-air systems; knowledge of compressed air system, cooling water, suction, vacuum, electric power distribution

  7. Flexibility (VERY often need to overtime work).

Work Location: